Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation Consultants

Consolidate all of your data sources into one easy-to-view system. Using world renowned software like QlikView and QlikSense, we’re able to bring all your data points into one usable and manageable system
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Reconcile all your business data in one place

Get a single view of all of your data, SAP, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Databases and Spreadsheets all in one view to compare, contrast and turn data into insight easily

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We’re an experienced team of many years in data visualisation and QlikView consulting. We’re happy to provide a free demo to demonstrate the power of GNR and how it can transform the efficiency of your business
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The Next Generation of Visual Analytics

In a few clicks combine multiple data sets into a single responsive view.

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One of our experienced consultants will come to your offices, no obligation, and show you exactly how the system works with your data. If you’ve got any questions please feel free to read our FAQs or call our VP of sales Dave Stevinson, on 07976 411 467