Piracy not only steals business, revenue and customers from legitimate resellers but stifles job creation and it innovation

Your business depends on your reputation for delivering reliable products and services. Unlawful software copying and distribution tarnishes the reputation of all resellers.

Know the facts

Software piracy is the illegal reproduction and distribution of software applications. In studies by the Harrison Group conducted on counterfeit versions of Microsoft software, one in three disks could not be installed on a computer. More than 40% of the remaining counterfeit disks installed contained additional programs or binaries with known vulnerabilities.


Every year our industry loses financially through piracy. Unlicensed and counterfeit software is causing legitimate resellers to miss out on selling opportunities, ongoing revenues and the chance to add value.


Always look for a Genuine Microsoft Label or a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). These labels will help you identify genuine Microsoft software. A Genuine Microsoft Label or COA should never be purchased separately from the software it authenticates.


Microsoft is working with partners to raise awareness of this issue and educate them on how to avoid counterfeiting operations.


Offline or online, software piracy is a crime. Microsoft has invested substantially in tracking down individuals and businesses that seek to gain an unfair advantage by selling unlicensed or counterfeit software.

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Microsoft is committed to helping customers who were inadvertently sold counterfeit Microsoft software, or suspect counterfeit.
If you're aware of any suspicious activity, please log the details here:


Entatech is an authorised distributor of Microsoft products.
When you purchase from Entatech you can be 100% sure that that you're receiving genuine software for your customers.
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