MX-2 65g
  • MX-2 65g
  • MX-2 65g
  • MX-2 65g
  • MX-2 65g

ARCTIC MX-2 (65 g) - High Performance Thermal Paste

ARCTIC MX-2 (65 g) - High Performance Thermal Paste, White, 65 g, 37 mm, 24 mm, 186 mm, 86 g



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ARCTIC MX-2 (65 g) - High Performance Thermal Paste. Product colour: White. Weight: 65 g. Package width: 37 mm, Package depth: 24 mm, Package height: 186 mm

Product description

Easy to Apply
With an ideal consistency, the MX-2 is very easy to use, even for beginners. The possibilities for its application and the most effectively way to avoid voids between CPU and cooler we show you in the video.

Excellent Performance
The ARCTIC MX-2 compound is composed of carbon micro-particles which lead to an extremely high thermal conductivity. It guarantees that heat generated from the CPU or GPU is dissipated quickly and efficiently, even suitable for overclocking. Superb in performance, MX-2 ranks among the top thermal compound, thermal paste or thermal grease in the market.

Safe Application
It does not contain any metallic particles so electrical conductivity would not be an issue. Unlike silver and copper compound, it ensures that contact with any electrical pins would not result in damage of any sort.

High Durability
In contrast to metal and silicon thermal compound, the performance of MX-2 does not compromise over time. Once applied, you do not need to apply it a second time as it will last over 8 years.

Value for Money
A high performance thermal compound perfect for system builders, there's no surprise that the MX-2 exceeds your expectations for its low price tag.


Product colour White
Packaging data
Package depth 24 mm
Package height 186 mm
Package weight 86 g
Package width 37 mm
Technical details
Density 3.96 g/cm³
Low thermal resistance Y
Non-bleeding Y
Non-capacitive Y
Non-conductive Y
Non-corrosive Y
Non-curing Y
RoHS compliance Y
Thermal conductivity 5.6 W/m·K
Viscosity note 850
Weight & dimensions
Weight 65 g

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